Day 10 2016:J is for Just Ask

Our responsibility to help others understand is paramount. This blast from the past seemed appropriate to repost…..Now go forth and change the world!

Running through Water

IMG_4894J is for Just Ask

When I sat down every day last year to do this A-Z project the my biggest take away was the candid responses from friends and acquaintances.  Many of whom told me that they wanted to reach out but often times they didn’t know what questions were ok to ask. I understand that on a few levels:

  1.  As an inhabitant of this earth, when we see something we don’t understand or is different we feel compelled to want to know the “why” or the “what happened”.  Perhaps its part of the survival instinct.  A primitive way to avoid something that is contagious or preventable.  So, often times when it’s not thought about and someone approaches me and says “what’s wrong with him?” my instinct is to say back “rude people are what’s wrong with him”.  When I shift my schema and recognize that even in those…

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