Day 16. P is for Pediatrician

Day 16 2016: P is for Pediatrician (originally posted 2015)

Running through Water

Day 16

P was hard because there are so many things P can be for us. Passion, Pediasure, potty training, poop, persistence (in a good way). But if this is about awareness, this is critical. Early conversations over time had with doctors about both A1 and A2: Me: “He’s sitting up already but his hands are still in fists and he can’t grab anything-something doesn’t feel right. ” Doc: “Wow. He’s just really uncoordinated”.
Me: “He can say way more than I think he understands-so I had a speech therapist look at him and she validated that, what is that?!” Doc: “that’s impossible. That therapist doesn’t know what she’s talking about”.
Me: “since our move I’ve noticed he doesn’t babble in his crib any more and he only smiles at the microwave and the lamp, but not me” Doc: “you just moved…he’s getting used to his environment don’t worry about it (at…

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