Day 7. G is for Grace, Gratitude and Generosity

Day 7

Did you know that some companies will match your donations to non-profit organizations? Check with your HR department. This experiment of autism A-Z as it affects my family gets a little harder every day. Not because I can’t find the right picture or because I don’t know what to say…but more because as it does for many autism families I really prefer to keep whatever goes on in the inner circle (and even then….). I don’t like to ask for help….do any of us? I’ve had several people reach out privately to ask about charities. There are 2 501c3s here in Columbus started by Autism moms that benefit local families directly in many ways. Please check out both Fluttering Families and The Mother Ship Inc. on FB for more information and consider donating to help our community here in Central Ohio.

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