Day 3 2015. C is for Coping

Day 3

In the most typical of situations sibling issues exist. For sibs of those with significant impairment, these kids are often the invisible bystanders. Their issues and needs sometimes take backseat to the immediacy and reality of their sibling with Autism needs. We ask them to deal with leaving fun events earlier than they would like, let embarrassing situations roll off their backs and stifle disappointment. The rate of having more than one child with neuro diversity is high. Sometimes, the less impaired child is asked to cope and step up in ways that would challenge even the most typical and mature of children.

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    Most of what I want to pass along this month is about resources, how to advocate and topics to be aware of—but I also want to give you some of the past A-Z information that might help raise better awareness for your families and friends. Here is one of my favorites:
    DAY 3 2015: C is for Coping


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