Day 26. Z is for Zenith.

Day 26

Day 26. Z is for Zenith.
26 days ago I started with something and today I end with something else. April is Autism Awareness month…something that is like some weird little carrot in our world where every day is Autism Awareness Month. I thought “we don’t need any more awareness….unless you have not interacted with the world at all in the last 10 years…everyone has heard of Autism…everyone knows someone with Autism…enough already with the awareness….”. We need to DO something to help-there are autism families far, far more desperate than mine and maybe I can help my small corner of FB understand that. But as someone pointed out to me the other day….the rest of the world perhaps has the wrong kind of awareness. This A-Z blog has morphed…transformed in social media….transformed my relationships and transformed me in ways I could have not imagined. In my house we are Sunday school teachers, basketball players, pianists and yogis…we are runners and daddies….5th graders and video gamers….we are baseball players and music enthusiasts we are writers and congregants and helpers…singers and children and future dentists. We are autism. We are you. It is the space between where we live–like that strange moment when you are still dreaming as you wake and have one foot in each of those worlds yet are not sure what is real and what is not. We teeter on the edge of worlds where we don’t quite fit because some things are left unsaid by all parties. It is the space between. I did not intend on sharing the private thoughts, the raw realities or even the extent to which autism exists in my family. But I am so glad I did.

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