Day 11 2016. K is for Kismet.

Day 11

In the month of our 16 year anniversary, I can say that we have embarked on a journey neither of us could have expected. In some ways I wonder if our trek is easier than others since we never had musings of what our unborn children would be like or what kind of parents we would be….or if we would be parents at all. I think I most believe in a judicious balance between predestination and free will. Like walking into a movie complex….you can pick the movie you will see but once you choose it the plot and ending remain the same. But it is again up to you if you decide to leave the theatre to get popcorn or just decide that movie is not for you and you should have never listened to Siskel and Ebert’s reviews to begin with. All marriages require a gentle balance between cohesiveness and independence. But especially with families like ours. Stress is a constant, sleep deprivation a given and child rearing? Well…throw out everything you ever thought you knew about that. Not everyone can do that…and usually the stronger is left holding the bag on their own.  I know too many families like that….and watch in awe as the parent left behind carries the weight of her world.  Through thick and thin we give each other the space we need recognizing we are in for the long haul.  Our children are who they are supposed to be.  We make the same mistakes as every other parent…..and in every other union but with the knowledge we must be united as forever parents, even long after we are gone.  And for that, perhaps we are luckier than most.

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